I cave

Introducing the product of several months of resisting the urge to record my projects in the blogosphere and open part of my life up to the world.

If you are reading this, I sincerely thank you. I resisted starting a blog for so long because I was intimidated by the sheer volume of girl blogs out there and of women doing really, really great things with their homes, creativity, and limited resources, and thus proving that you don’t need unlimited or even vast resources to look like you do.

This is not a home decor blog per si. Mostly because I know nothing about decorating. Planning to do anything new to my home is typically a project in itself because my husband and I have wildly divergent tastes. The only thing we have in common is that neither of us like a lot of things. I don’t like knick-knacks. The engineer part of me doesn’t like anything that doesn’t serve a specific function (I was teased by my girlfriends when I got married because my registry contained only highly functional items).

I love furniture. And for most of my life I thought I would never have furniture I liked because it was expensive. I know…first world problems. Then I discovered my friends Craigslist, Primer, Spray Paint, and Power Sander. Ok. Then I discovered Ana White and found that I could actually build my own furniture.

Join me for coffee under my umbrella.

I like to deuglify stuff. I like to build stuff. I like to paint stuff. I like to build and paint stuff. I started with deuglifying furniture. Then I discovered that with patience and time, I could deuglify my house from the early 70s, back before decor was cool. This is mostly a deuglifying blog. Over the next few weeks I will be posting my previous projects, starting from before I thought to take ‘before’ and ‘in process’ pictures, then I will start with current projects. I hope you will get your coffee and have a seat on the patio as we chat. Thanks again for reading.


6 thoughts on “I cave

  1. Dear June,

    A) I am jealous that you can do this in your spare time.
    B) One would never know that this is not even your most refined talent.
    C) Please…never ever use the term “blogosphere” again.


  2. Delightful, you have a passion and mission – deuglifying, That can go a long way, and it doesn’t seem that you’ve limited your passion to deuglify to anything in particular. plus it looks like you have really good taste, so you actually accomplish what you intend to do. I’d like to read more.

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