Goodwill night table

This was a hideous little table I found at Goodwill. Its drawer slides were broken, it had some of the ugliest hardware I had ever seen, and it was yellow. So I bought it…why? I loved the faux bamboo lines, the over all shape, and I knew I could fix the drawers. So I took it home, put it in a dark corner of the garage, and forgot about it for about 6 months, mostly because while I believed I could fix the drawers, I didn’t know how I was going to go about doing that since I didn’t know anything about drawer slides at the time.

Ugly yellow Goodwill table

Ugly yellow Goodwill table

Faux bamboo table

But look at that faux bamboo!

I couldn’t use side mount slides since the sides of the table were OSB. I didn’t know where I could find bottom mount slides that were short enough since none of the big box stores near me had any. Then I discovered Rockler and Woodcraft, my drawer slide BFFs.

I got these slides from Rockler, cut them to size, glued them down, done. Primed, painted, new drawer knobs. Done.

Goodwill table after

Hideous and yellow no more, with standard blue vase and cookbooks.


2 thoughts on “Goodwill night table

  1. Super cute. (And the Salvation Army by our house has really good furntiture, especially for someone as clever as you are at refashioning…) They’ll negotiate prices if it’s been on their floor for a while, too.

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