One can never have too much vanity

A lot of people on craigslist, I have found, oftentimes do not know the value of what they have.

I acquired two vanities around the same time. The first I bought from the original owner’s granddaughter for $25. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a before shot, but it was overall in good condition. It has a long crack on the inside and the two halves of the crack shifted, if that makes sense, so I couldn’t just stuff a glob of wood putty and call it done. In the end, I decided not to do anything since the vanity was still quite solid, and I also wasn’t planning on selling it. I had wanted a “writer’s desk” in the guest room of my house for awhile, inspired by Centsational Girl’s writer’s desk here, and it was not going to see much use anyway.

Sand, prime, paint the body, and done. I used Zinsser’s water-based primer in the blue can and probably some Valspar basic white. I stripped the top down with my sander, 80-100-150-220, and for the rounded edges I used a folded up piece of 60 grit sandpaper and went up from there. I stained the top with 2 layers of Minwax Gel Stain in Mahogany and 3 coats of polyurethane.

Vanity #1 After

Vanity #1 After with Pretty Little Chair.

Here’s the other vanity I bought in process because I again forgot to get a ‘Before’ shot. I don’t remember what I paid, but as I don’t buy things for more than a few bucks on CL, it wasn’t much.

Vanity #2 in process

Vanity #2 in process

The seller bought it from someone who bought it from an antique show or dealer, though I don’t think this would qualify as an “antique”. It was covered by a heinous paint job. Whomever spray painted it didn’t bother to sand, fill in any gaps, or anything. The drawer hardware was also wood and painted on. Eesh.

Sanding a section revealed, again, layers upon layers of paint, so Citristrip to the rescue again. I unscrewed all of the hardware from the inside of the drawers, got out a hammer and chisel, and pried them off. Here are some very fuzzy pictures from before I learned how to take a decent picture.

Drawer with painted-on hardware

Drawer with painted-on hardware

Hardware from above

Hardware from above

Around this time, I stopped into Lowes for something and behold, they were having a massive clearance on drawer and cabinet hardware. I went completely insane for half an hour since it was a weekend and I was kid-free, picking up knobs, handles, and even Euro hinges to my heart’s delight. I picked up over $100 worth of hardware for about $30.

All that is to say that these drawer knobs are from this stash, which I still have. My woodworker neighbor poked his head in one day as I was working in my garage and took a closer look at the vanity, realizing that it was constructed from a hard wood, not pine, though he couldn’t tell what species. Kewl.

So after stripping came sanding, then putty, more sanding, then finally priming, painting, and poly. Done.

Vanity #2 After

There she is.


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