I am finally going to talk about furniture

I started this vanity nearly two months ago. It normally doesn’t take me 2 months to paint a piece of furniture, but with vacation in the midwest, symphony rehearsals + hands that are a little flabbier than when I was 18, and a 3-year-old birthday party to plan, well, I guess that’s not too rotten…

I’ll do a complete write-up complete with background, the broken foot, how to whittle away your sanity, more broken drawers, etc this week as soon as I decide what color to paint these drawers:

blue wood vanity painted drawers

You like? You hate?

Some have stated they don’t like the white drawers, that it detracts from the aqua/oops bin color. Someone else suggested silver, which is intriguing. Others have cheered on the white. My only fear is that white will make this look more 8-year-old girl than glam.

So I turn to readers for their (constructive) opinions. White, silver, blue, or something completely different? Here they are in context. The drawers have only 1 coat of paint on them, accounting for their blotchy appearance.

blue refinished wood vanity white drawers

Here are the drawers in context.


5 thoughts on “I am finally going to talk about furniture

  1. I had not considered black – I like that idea, and I like the idea of accent colors. I’m not sure how daring I want to go, though, since I want to sell this one at a higher price point since it’s so freakin heavy. But maybe the accent/unusual color combo would appeal more to design-philes willing to pay a higher price? Thank you for your 2 cents!

  2. I may be in the minority here, but I love the black and aqua color combo so if you want the drawers a different color, why not consider black? would it make it too dark you think? Another option that hit my muddled brain would be to paint the bottom 4 drawers the same shade of aqua and the top three drawers black as an accent… just my 2 cents.

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