A picture in which I am awkwardly standing and holding a book

ana white

Ana White and me, with me standing awkwardly to the side holding a book

Ana White, the woman who started it all (“it” being my furniture obsession), came to Houston to promote her new book, The Handbuilt Home. My 5th wedding anniversary gift to myself was to get myself in the car at 7am this morning and drive from Austin to a Home Depot in Houston. My gift to my husband was to leave him with the toddler for most of today.

Ana first complimented my necklace. She’s just as beautiful, down to earth, and positive as she is on her website and Facebook page. I handed her my book to sign and she asked if I build. I told her that yes, I had posted my builds on her site and Facebook page. I introduced myself by my first name. She responded, “Oh, you’re June Solomon (not actually my real name).”

This was a pretty awesome day. Now off to celebrate my anniversary for real.

ana white handbuilt home book signing

I think I can die happy now


20 thoughts on “A picture in which I am awkwardly standing and holding a book

  1. You are not “standing awkwardly”. You look graceful and charming. She, OTOH, is posed weirdly. LOL.

    You’re sweet, June. I’m happy for you.

    BTW, I feel toward Lynette Jennings the way you feel toward Ana. When I saw Lynette Jennings use a router and jig saw 25 years ago, I went to Lowes for the first time. Hey, girls can do this, too.

    • Pheh – thanks Wanda. I was so nervous I had no idea how I was posing. I thought this one with the book was so cheesy, but in the other one in which I’m not holding it I look sort of like one of those treasure troll dolls from the 90s with my limbs sort of splayed in odd places. Sigh.

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