I heart deuglified blue dressers

Refinished blue wood dresser, Coffee Under The Umbrella

Look, Chinese Food! Shiny dresser top!

I love blue. Blue ceilings, blue walls, blue vases, blueberries. My favorite house that I’ve lived in was bright blue. My favorite room in my house is blue. My kid loves Blue’s Clues.

Whenever I see blue oops paint, I snatch it up. I’ll paint anything blue. I’d paint my cat blue if she’d sit still long enough.

I went out on a limb and took a risk by painting this dresser blue, as well as the desk I posted a few weeks ago. And, erm, well, I don’t have much to say because I had the good fortune of not having to do much to this dresser as it was actually in pretty good shape. I wheeled and dealed a little when I bought it as the owner was moving and just needed it out, so I got a good deal on it.
Solid wood, structurally in good shape. Just needed some (well, a lot of) putty and new knobs to replace the old ugly wood ones. I used Valspar’s oops paint for the blue and Antique White for the drawers with some glass knobs.
I also tried General Finishes’ water-based polycrylic for the first time, and I’ll say that I don’t know that I can go back to Minwax. GF is more expensive, but the ease of working with the product surpasses Minwax by far. I tried the first coat with a Purdy brush, and I’ll say that I’ve always had trouble brushing on poly – I think it just takes practice – but this was actually ok in that there were far fewer brush marks than with Minwax’s product (whether that was because of the product itself or the brush I’m not sure of). I had trouble getting it on really evenly though, til I read this little tip from Mouse in Your House and used a small foam roller the next pass. I had never read of any blogger who did that, but I have to say that rolling it on worked like a charm.

ugly wood dresser, before


Refinished blue wood dresser, Coffee Under The Umbrella

Refinished blue wood dresser, Coffee Under The Umbrella

Pretty pretty


15 thoughts on “I heart deuglified blue dressers

  1. so impressive! what a dramatic before and after. perfect color too. i’m obsessed with that “tiffany blue” shade too. i love d.i.y projects (but haven’t done anything since becoming a mom). i definitely want to start with small projects and blog about them. you’re inspired me 🙂

  2. This is probably a stupid question, but my husband has a cute little (and very shabby chic looking now) light blue dresser made out of the lovely particle board his grandma bought him from a now defunct department store. It’s cute, but wondered if it would be worth it to refinish? Thoughts? We are both not fix-it people. Ha!

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