Public Service Announcement: Here’s what a drawer is not for

I really like redoing vanities and those smallish older style desks. I really dislike working with drawers in general. Mostly because I just figure it out as I fumble along. I dislike building them even more, but that is for another post.

Every time I have refinished a vanity/smallish desk except for one time, it has had exactly one drawer with a bottom ruined by water (or some other liquid? A bottle of bourbon?) that I’ve had to replace. It’s not that difficult and it gets easier as I go, so I’m not complaining. I’m just marvelling at the string of desks I’ve acquired whose former owners may or may not have known not to store liquid in a drawer.

Damaged desk drawer bottom

Wrinkly desk drawer bottom

In case you were wondering…don’t use a drawer as a water bowl for your dog. Don’t keep fish in it. Don’t dump a bottle of rubbing alcohol in it. Just don’t put anything liquid in your drawers.

Don’t know what will become of this old girl yet, but it’ll be something fabulous once I find a way to fix the missing foot in the back.

older wood desk

Smallish old desk before