The trash to treasure patio bench

I love bulk trash collection week. I’ve rid our lives of hideous light fixtures, carpet samples, broken vacuums, and the like. We’re generally not the folks who drive slowly down the street in search of treasure simply because we don’t really have the time. But when you stumble on something, you’ve got to take it, right?

One evening, my husband ran inside and told me he saw a wrought iron bench on someone’s curb to be thrown out and asked if I wanted it. Because I am lazy, I wishy-washily responded with a noncommittal “Eh…maybe.” He responded, “Great,” ran out of the house, took the baby seat out of the CR-V, and left. He came back in 15 minutes and asked for my help. My hero, my husband, somehow lifted this homely-looking bench by himself into the back of our car. We had officially become those people who will take your trash from your driveway.

The bench that was thrown away, before

The bench that was thrown away

I couldn’t believe someone wanted to throw it away. All it needed was to be hosed down, primer, paint, one new board, and stain. It now sits on the porch. I used Rustoleum’s metal primer (I believe they have 2 types – I used the one that was not for heavily rusted metal), either Rusteoleum or Valspar white spray paint, and some water based stain by Cabot Cove. It was my first time to stain something, so it wasn’t a terrific job. I used a brush and the finish was sort of drippy. But who’s staring.

The bench no one wants to throw away, After

The bench no one wants to throw away

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