Another black dresser.

I love the combination of glossy black finish with silver accents, especially on “mid-century” era furniture. I saw this dresser on CL and had to have it. It had a broken drawer but was otherwise fine.

Dresser before

Before minus broken drawer.

Dresser broken drawer

Because here was the broken drawer.

I picked it up from a storage rental unit during the day. Picking stuff up from storage units alone freaks me out. The owner had asked the previous day if I wanted to pick it up that night (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!). I’m a safety freak, so my son never comes with me when I go to look at items, I carry my phone in my pocket, and ALWAYS let someone know the address and phone number of where I’m going.

Enough with the safety lecture. I loved the lines of this dresser. I glued and clamped the drawer face back on. Primed with Kilz, painted with Valspar’s black latex paint. And this is where I ran into problems.

I’m not sure why I didn’t notice this before, but I guess I’ve done more of these refinishes at this point. I used black gloss latex paint with a small foam roller. And the finish was horrible. The surface was “pimply”. I figured I’d sand it with fine/medium grit and that would take care of it. And it turned the finish gray. That happened with the next coat. And the next.

I’ve read enough paint tutorials by now to know something about painting furniture. And I usually paint pieces white or use spray paint, so the gray tint after sanding was never an issue. So I turned to my friend Google for help and stumbled onto YHL’s painting furniture tutorial, and that changed my life. For that moment anyway. AND…I learned that my coats were too thick. Since then, I’ve learned to use a foam roller when painting furniture and to paint on coats that are just barely thick enough to cover the surface. Before I read this tutorial, I was painting on 2 coats. Now, more like 3 thin coats, sand lightly between coats, and I’ve never had that problem since.

So I sanded down all the bumps to a nice sickly gray appearance, got out my Purdy brush, and brushed on the thinnest coat I could. Then another. Beautiful. Some Minwax polycrylic in gloss, silver spray paint for the current hardware, and I was done. Sorry for the awful after picture.

refinished black wood dresser

From yuck to mod. Sorry for the awful picture.