Ana White’s Tryde Media Console

We have a TV that we got for free and rarely use. Not a flat screen, but one of those the-mothership-has-landed old school ones.

My husband owned a condo before we got married. One day, he came home from work and saw the lone TV next to the dumpster, and of course, he went to take a look. On it was a note that stated it was for the taking and the picture was fine, but there was no sound. Of course, he took it home.

Let me explain a few things about him. He works with computers. He thinks about computers all. Day. Long. He thinks about them as he goes to sleep at night. He LOVES to be at the computer on the weekend, and he always has a project going on involving his computer. We are a Linux run household. He proposed to me by hacking a proposal screen, on a Windows machine, into a game found only on Linux machines. Nerd love.

He had free cable at this condo and an elaborate setup involving his laptop, a desktop, a VCR, the stereo, and now, the TV. And he somehow got the sound to work. To top that off, he wrote his own DVR script, so he had a boatload of recorded shows. We watched a LOT of commercial-less TV back then.

He used a coffee table with a broken leg that he bought from Goodwill to hold the TV at the time (I knew nothing about furniture repair or refinishing back then) and when we got married, I told him the table had to go. We bought the house and it sat unused in the garage for over a year.

Then we bought a Wii and had to bring the TV into the house. And we are tall, so the floor was not an option. Ana White to the rescue, again, and the Tryde Media Console.

Here’s the plan I used. I used MDF for the box, which I wouldn’t recommend anymore because of the lack of strength compared to wood, pine boards for the legs and top, and beadboard for the sides.  I did not have a good understanding of the order of things to follow in a build at the time, so instead of painting the inside of the box before actually assembling, I built the whole thing and used spray paint for the inside. And of course, it didn’t reach all the way back. I used black gloss latex for the boards.

This is the first time I used Floetrol, a trick I learned from Kate’s paint tutorial. I’d use it again.

Tryde Media Console, Coffee Under the Umbrella

In progress. In my “workshop”. I.e. garage.

And a picture of it, in real-time, with a bunch of crap on it. But hey – the table looks great.

Tryde Media Console, Coffee Under the Umbrella

Tryde Media Console. Please ignore everything else about this picture.